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Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman breaking character while shooting a scene from Paul Thomas Anderon’s The Master

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“Golda” is a 1979 oil on canvas by color field painter Leon Berkowitz (1911-1987).


Fresco segment at the Visoki Decani Monastery in Serbian Kosovo, artist unknown, 14th C.


Just woke up from a scary dream and the way I feel is like this:

I dont want to be around negative elements anymore.

Even if I have to walk alone. I cant keep taking in peoples imaginary problems.

i dont want to do any crime any more. no stealing, no vandalism. 

harmful or “evil” personal energy exists and can take over someones rational thinking process and make them do stupid things. Watching bad TV or listening to bad music or listening to bad conversations pumps one full of these toxic energies. Avoid all neurotic elements as much as possible!

Meat is bad. I eat meat like 3 times a day but now my instincts are telling me to stop eating meat altogether. 

Everyone is LOVE, everyone is kindness and joy, but most of us are covered with layers of dust from conditions that we had no control over. No one REALLY wants to be in hell. Compassion is seeing the one in hell who pretends that this is home and weeping for that person and out-stretching a hand to them to let them know there is a way out. 

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